Painting : the first love

this one is also.. so close to my heart... Because it's the first painting on canvas that I made... There is so many sweet memories of AKC art department attached to this work... And it's the origin point from where the passion of my art has derived... Pic is shining because it's framed and.. am... Continue Reading →

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Painting : “Lord hanuman”

This one is Soo close to my heart.. because.. because i believe in lord hanuman a too much inspired from hanuman ji.. I really loved the time I spend on it because this painting , brings my two most lovable things of life.. together.. it's still not complete... I have to do so much... Continue Reading →

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Stand up right now!!!

When you have a distance of miles and you are injured, you are tired. But it does not matter how much each phase hurts you, you keep walking because you know that this is your destination .. and sooner or later you will have to go there. But if you fall, will you start crawling... Continue Reading →

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